Lunos  Ventilation

Decentralized, Quiet, Energy Efficient, Heat Recovery & Demand Controlled Ventilation for the Home or Office.

The benefits of a LUNOS system…


» Quiet

Highly efficient motors with state of the art ec technology and flow optimized balanced fans result in the models operating at extremely low noise levels.

Regulated Temperature

» Regulated Temperature

The compact ceramic heat storage unit designed by Lunos provides thermal efficiency levels up to 99%.


» Efficient

The Lunos family of units have extremely low energy consumption operating from as little as 0.3W.


» Easy

Installation is straight forward with no complicated ducting or centralized units to install, saving time and money.

Cost Effective

» Cost Effective

The typical Lunos installation costs pennies a day to operate with minimal maintenance


» Compact and Versatile

Among the smallest decentralized fans available and extremely versatile to suit even the most challenging environments.

LUNOS decentralized ventilation systems provide clean fresh air to all rooms in the home.

Their advanced energy-efficient Heat Recovery systems are perfect for optimizing indoor air quality for you and your family.